Jeg har været så priviligeret, at få mange af mine billedserier publiceret, 4 har endda ramt forsiderne. Dette er jeg vanvittigt stolt over! Her kan du se dem alle.

beau NU Magazine, Open Issue, Juli 2018

Surreal Beauty Mag, Issue 513, Februar 2018

ELEGANT Magazine, Issue 40, September 2017, Cover Artist

PUMP Magazine, The Avant Garde Editorial Edition, August 2017

IMIRAGE Magazine, Rose Red Dreams issue, August 2017

IMIRAGE Magazine, Beautiful Darkness issue, Juni 2017

beau NU Magazine, Bohemian issue, juni 2017

beau NU Magazine, Beauty issue, Maj 2017

beau NU Magazine, So Royal issue, april 2017

beau NU Magazine, Futuristic issue, marts 2017, Cover Artist

beau NU Magazine, White issue, December 2016, Cover Artist

Gilded Magazine, Issue 17, volume 2, Oktober 2016

Surreal Beauty Magazine, Auriferous issue 362, Oktober 2016

Surreal Beauty Magazine, Soigné issue 358, Oktober 2016

Cynical Magazine, Issue no 27 vol 1, August 2016

Gilded Magazine, Issue 11 vol 13, Maj 2016

Obscurae Magazine, Februar 2016……………..

Gilded Magazine, Issue 8, Februar 2016

beau NU Magazine, Gold issue, December 2015, Cover Artist

beau NU Magazine, Pink issue, November 2015

beau NU Magazine, Open issue, December 2015

beau NU Magazine, Open issue, September 2015

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