Do you want to capture the baby-bump? This can be done in either my studio or on location. On this page, you can find information on both.

General info on maternity sessions (both studio and on location)

The bump is the most photogenic in weeks 30-36 but some may already have a nice big round bump in week 25. Ig is also possible to do the session closer to your due-date, just keep in mind, that the belly “sinks” as the baby prepares to make his or her entrance in the world.

  • If you wish to have your picture taken in one of my many dresses, then lingerie in nude color is preferable. Black and white can also work if you don’t have any in nude, bring both so we can choose the one that suits the dress best.
  • Strapless bra is to be preferred. If you do not have one, then we can always tuck in the straps, but sometimes this shows.
  • Make sure your stockings (and clothes in general) are not too tight up to the session as the marks this makes on your skin takes a while to go away.
  • If you have long hair, I suggest you bring along so we can do shots with both the hair up and down.
  • Bring along some nice shoes (stillettos, sandals, ballarinas etc.) – this way we can do shots with both bare feet and shoes (for some dresses a nice pair of shoes complete the look).
  • If you want pictures wherre the dress is ”flying in the wind” you must bring along a helper to create this effect. So bring your husband, partner, friend or someone else.

For sessions in the studio

If you want pictures in lingerie or in the nude, make sure you wear LOOSE clothes in the hours up to the session, this means no tight jeans, no socks that are tight around the ancles and bra and panties must be a little bit too big for you. Tight clohtes leaves marks on the skin that takes forever to disapear. If you are using some of my dresses, then lingerie in the nude and strapless brah is to be preferred (see above).  Bring a selection of lingerie, nightwear, regular clothes with you, maybe even your partners shirt? This gives us more options, and we will find the looks that suit your taste the best together.

For sessions on location

You can either wear your own clothes os some of my many dresses. I have a constantly growing selection of styles and colors. The best time of day to do location pictures is either around sunrise or sunset. If the sun is out, then this gives us a VERY beautiful light, almost magical.

Important for sessions on location:

  • If it’s cold outside, make sure you wear some warm clothes that is easy to get out of and into fast. Make sure you have shoes/boots on that are warm and also easy to get into.
  • Bring along something hot to drink if it’s cold outside.
  • If we are shooting near water, bring along a towel so you can dry off.
  • Choose soes that you can walk in, we might have to walk a bit from the car to where we are shooting.


Before our session I will ask you to choose up to 4 dresses that I will then bring along. You can see my selection of dresses HERE.  Most are made to fit most sizes up to around 48 around the bust (the ones with no size mentioned on the pdf). Some have limitations – this will always be mentioned on the pdf.

Floral crowns:

You can also borrow floral crowns – you find my selection HERE.